Life is beautiful through all its seasons, but my spirit of adventure never ceases to unveil and nourish the deepest pieces of my soul… All I can do is try and document its flow through this thesis, of words that try and iron out the creases of my thoughts, capturing the mysteries adventure releases.
Destiny Calls.. My blog. Check it out.



My name is Destiny. I’m an Aussie who grew up in Indigenous Central Australia and has lived in France, Greece, Colombia, Ecuador (Incl. Galapagos Islands), and India… and travelled to over 50 countries worldwide. I presently live on the south coast of NSW, Australia in a cliff top lair by the beach and rainforest escarpment.

I have a passion for life and a spirit of adventure. I love to explore countries, activities, nature, music, food, wine, arts, literature, and festivities (basically anything!) .. but above all I love to immerse myself in cultures, and to learn and laugh with the beautiful, unique, heart warming people of this world.

This is my blog, a collection of insights, inspirations and funny moments shared along the road.