I Miss Adventure

   I miss adventure… The open road in an unknown, unmarked landscape full of wide open spaces, fresh air, colours and cultures. The unknown journey of where I’ll wake up tomorrow and what… Continue reading

Jet Lagged – by romance

You smiled at me, handed me a ticket, and took me by the hand with conviction singing “Join me! I’ll go to the depths of the earth for you!” I smiled bashfully, whilst… Continue reading

An Ashram in India: Unlocking something deeper within?

I stayed in the Art of Living Ashram near Bangalore for 3 days doing the Happiness course. Here we embraced meditation, yoga and philosophical discussions. Each morning practicing yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation to… Continue reading

On my travels to an illegal quarry in India lay a path for social business

Traveling along dusty roads in south India, littered with pot holes, I arrived at a village and then walked along windy pathways. Past communities, stray cows, palm trees, green pastoral fields, small children running out to wave hello, I eventually arrived at… Continue reading

Dating In Your 30s.. A Different Ball Game

 My friend sends out a message welcoming her first-born into the world, filled with love. Another requires counsel on his loss of attraction towards his future fiance. My divorced friend is weary of his new love interest, whilst a single… Continue reading

My Dreamtime Story

One of my qualms with those who visit Australia, my homeland, are the perceptions they take with them. For travellers making a long journey to a far-away-land, it can be a bit of an anticlimax as they… Continue reading

Social Networking – An Isolating Evolution

Whilst out for coffee with friends a message beeps on a girlfriend’s phone, she responds giggling and typing away. ….Our conversation is now on hold. My mate beside me flicks through his Tinder profiles yaying or… Continue reading

Michelle’s Destiny- A LEGENDARY Story 

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Destiny Paris. It’s kind of an unusual name that often comes along with witty comments such as “Are you my destiny?”, “Can I have… Continue reading

Tinder and Autocorrect.. A recipe for laughter

So after giving my mates a hard time about their anti social behaviour surrounding the superficial hype of Tinder, online social networking app,  I did as anyone true to their convictions does, I decided… Continue reading


We all start out in soft fresh green pastures. Life is in our hands, so much to see and choose from. Love, laughter, sunshine, Deep, full, breaths of fresh air. But reality takes… Continue reading