LUZing Myself in South America – A Lighting Designer’s Journey of People, Nature, and Cultural

After working Australia’s lighting industry for five years, I set off on an adventure through South America in search of some fresh inspiration. Drawn in by the spirit of adventure, magnificent natural beauty,… Continue reading

I’m Tired of this Chapter

I’m so tired of living adventures without a life partner to share them with, tired of transient relationships. I’m tired of reaching an age where single guys are younger than me with great personalities… Continue reading

Dumbstruck by family

Yesterday I asked my 80 year old Pappou why he never considered returning to Greece since retiring. He came to Australia as a young man, leaving everyone and everything he knew behind, and… Continue reading

Social Media and the Spaces between Faces and Places

People look at Facebook News Feeds drawing comparisons and find gaps in their life that can lead negative outlooks .. But Facebook is like a photo album or family video, it only captures… Continue reading

What is home?

One of the hardest parts of travelling and living in different environments is trying to convey that to people at ‘home’. We hold stereotypes about places based on media, a single story, and… Continue reading

Ignorance is BLISSards in ICELAND

2 Aussie’s and myself hired a car in Iceland’s south setting off north to Iceland’s Akureyri …COMPLETELY ignorant to driving in the snow! Before leaving they gave us snow tyres and handed us… Continue reading

The Northern Lights

Dressed in warm clothes, beanies, gloves and warm blankets we set out on a bus into the darkness hunting the light. The forecast for the nights sighting was low.. We drove 2 hours… Continue reading

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Located in south western Iceland the blue lagoon is a health and well being centre built around a geothermal pool. The water was the colour of creamy pale blue opals and deliciously warm… Continue reading

Wine Country.. Mendoza Argentina

A lovely sunny day cycling through beautiful Mendoza, situated in continental climate with warm dry days and cool nights, set against a backdrop of the snow capped Andes mountains, mountains that I have… Continue reading

Letting Go.. My South American Revival

1 year ago I decided to leave all my worries, my pressures, my job, my pace of life and all the social expectations of my world that left me exhausted, deflated, and disheartened,… Continue reading