Kuradji -the 6000 year old ‘clever fella’

Here beside my new found home, south of Sydney, lies a sacred burial site with the ancient skeletal remains of ‘Kuradji’ an Aboriginal ‘clever fella’ (similar to a shaman). His burial took place… Continue reading

Southern Belle- The Firey Bombshell

After coming home yesterday to bush fires blazing in the neighbouring escarpment on the coastline south of Sydney, strange aircraft circled overhead. Anticipation was in the air as neighbours stood on the streets speculating the purpose of circling aircrafts roaring overhead. But these were no ordinary planes..

Why do we limit girls?

Why do we limit girls?

When I was 17 I went to enrol into Engineering at uni. I was met by a Professor who refused to enrol me into his subject stating “Women don’t succeed in this field. I wont enrol you. Go away and do something else”…

Rice Rice Baby.. The Ancient Rice Terraces of the Philippines

The 2000 year old rice terraces located in the north of Luzon, Philippines, in Ifugao, perched at an altitude of 1500m, are an ancient agricultural technique passed down over the generations and still practiced… Continue reading

Idle time

I know it sounds ridiculous, in fact years early I would have liked to deck a person who made such a claim, but the situation is- I don’t know what to do with all… Continue reading


Prickly shards of my shattered self-esteem pin me down, gagged by asphyxiating coils of self-doubt. Debilitating chills suspend me, frozen stiff. I chisel out a brave face into my stone form. Refusing to… Continue reading

Just a number in the machine, sold on a dream.

Just a number in the machine, sold on a dream. While they chase the green. A barcode to be scanned then disposed, Cutting costs to stay afloat, Working with passion day and night,… Continue reading

That empty chair.

That empty chair.. Waits there, staring back at me. Patiently. Tap-tap-tapping at my mind’s door. With a pen, demanding an encore, to chisel out my bleeding hopes and teary dreams into lyrical lines… Continue reading

Sitting on a sidewalk down a dusty street in Bangalore..

10pm Thursday night, riding home from the office on the back of a Royal Enfield motor cycle, manoeuvring cautiously around beeping rickshaws, stray dogs, and complacent cows strolling along the pot-holed roads. Pungent… Continue reading

Destiny Vs. Wild – Las Amazonas

The damp humid air and musky leafy scents coated with smells of sunscreen and mosquito repellent, constant chatter of animals and birds surrounding you from all directions, the sounds changing from day into night,… Continue reading